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Amazon River | Aqua Expeditions Aria

Aqua 1.jpg

Aqua Expeditions Aria

by: Jeffrey Traugot   |

WHY: Aqua Expeditions is the best way to see the wildlife of the Amazon while staying in luxury
WHEN: April 2013
WHO: Me, my wife Dina and our two boys

The Aqua Expeditions Aria feels more like a five star hotel than a small cruise ship.

- Details, details -

TYPE: A boutique cruise through the Amazon River, an area filled with unique and diverse wildlife

SPA: The boat has an outdoor lounge and jacuzzi on the upper deck

POOL/GYM: There is no pool/The gym is small but sufficient, with spectacular views of the surrounding nature

RESTAURANT: There is one dining room on board where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. Breakfast and lunch are buffet style and dinner consists of multiple courses. The food is fantastic!

BAR: There is a bar in the library on the top floor of the ship serving creative and delicious cocktails

VIBE: Friendly, intimate and exciting! There is always another adventure to be had

ROOMS: The boat has 16 rooms/cabins, a dining room and a library. The rooms are large and some have an option to connect for families

WIFI: There is no WiFi on board the ship

KIDS: Children over the age of 8 are welcomed and encouraged. Younger children may come as long as parents sign a release form

LOCATION: The Amazon River in Peru

WHEN TO GO: Anytime! The Aqua Expeditions Aria operates every week of the year


- A Few Things - 

Twice each day guests leave the main boat for excursions on 12 foot skiffs. Activities include viewing pink dolphins, Piranha fishing, and observing macaws, parrots, monkeys, snakes and more. Guests also embark on a nature walk and travel to meet villagers that live without any tangible possessions to observe their way of life. Highlights include visiting a floating city, seeing snakes and poisonous frogs and other species that you never even knew existed. An experience aboard the Aqua Expeditions Aria is one that you and your family will never forget.